Monday, January 08, 2007


Isn't this interesting?
(my mom got us a scanner for Christmas and I just set it up today)

June 1984

Summer 1986

February 1998

I still have the coat

Winter 2003


Winter 2003

And here's mom. Proving, it's genetic!


Freebird said...

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. :-P

Jessey said...


debbie d said...

hahaha.... was that an aggie retreat photo? hrm... what other evils lurk in that roll of film?
moving on... so does elizabeth or dylan hold this gene?

Jessey said...

The first one of me in my yellow jacket was TOTALLY an Aggie retreat photo.
All staff baby.
It's the retreat that I met El Puko Alex at. I have a great pic of him and Andrew Nolan with the All-Staff Keg. Brilliant!
That retreat was before they actually tried to make us do work on the retreats. Stupid work.

Jessey said...

Eleeza will remember that retreat as the one where she sucked beer from Andrew Nolan's wifebeater, but that's neither here nor there.
Drunk Jenga makes you do crazy shit.

debbie d said...

i don't think i was around aggie HQ at the time of that retreat, but, i feel as if i have majorly missed out. hrm, i do have a roll of my own film lurking somewhere; perhaps some good pics there....
nevermind. i don't know if i want to recall some of the memories from that retreat (or the week following when i had a drink all the leftovers party?)
people who knew me in high school always ask what changed to turn me into a total lush.... i blame aggie, cos the aggie led to thursdays (and fridays and saturdays and sundays and wednesdays) out and about the town.
you should come to picnic day and bring the kids.

Jessey said...

Dude. You totally missed out. And if the pics you are referring to are the pics from the manager's retreat where you and I drove up together, then, I don't want to see those pics!!!

The Aggie totally made me a lush too. Remember those crazy late nights when one of us would have to stay for production. On my nights, I would make Mike bring me a 40. Yep. He did live right above a liquor store after all. :)

pstvnrgy said...

haha! Funny