Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More proof that even though I think I'm super cool, I really am quite dorky

This made my day, and that is very sad.

I was digging through my change purse for quarters to purchase a healthy breakfast *ahem*SausageMcMuffin*ahem* and found a South Dakota state quarter.

Whoooooo wheeeeee!!

That completes my 2006 set of state quarters!
I have the freaking map and everything! I've got 40 state quarters in there, just 10 more to go, five this year and five in 2008. I'm seriously jazzed.

Sad, right?


debbie d said...

i have the map, and then my map came with a little booklet for a second set.

i have two sets of state quarters... i slacked off for awhile, and james and i spent an hour going through our change collection finding the missing pieces, then trying to find the best looking coin to go in the collection... i figure, if nothing else, it'll be worth $25 bucks in a bind. =)

and some day, i will go through and find only pretty coins. like, without scratches from the purse and coin bin....

Chris said...

Elizabeth does the same thing, so you share yet another thing.

Jessica said...

She collects state quarters or digs for McMuffin change??
Mmmmm.... McMuffin....

Jessica said...

PS, we are like, totally cyber BFF, SFAM (sisters from another mother (and father I hope!!))

eaf said...

Well, I don't have the map thing. You win the uber-dork prize for that. I only have a little booklet.

The other day, I had to spend my 2006 quarters because I left my wallet in my diaper bag and HAD to have a Diet Dr. Pepper. So my dorkiness is only outweighed by my addict issues.

Your BFF,
Mommy Librarian