Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Test Your Knowledge 2!

Here's another set of *tough* ones!






Come on! You can do it!


debbie d said...

hahahaha..... i like this one better!

Anonymous said...

I wish all quizzes were this easy!

Jessey said...

Do you guys need the answer key on this one too??? :)

Next time we should ID rappers or something...
We are all *culturally* bereft.

I didn't know all of them in the first set either...well, I mean, I DID because I set it up, but I wouldn't have known...
You know what I mean.

debbie d said...

rappers? dear lord. give me the presidents!

i still struggle w/ the difference between ice-t and ice cube

Jessey said...

Ice T = the rapper who sang "Cop Killer" and is now on the second best Law and Order on television, Law and Order: SVU. He is married to a big boobied white woman...Nicole "Coco" Austin who incidentally is something like 20 years younger than Ice-T. I wonder what they talk about?...
Ice-T's real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, which sounds like his parents were trying to get his ass beat up.
Ice-T will be 49 this February. Forty-NINE!!!
Ice-T was born in New Jersey and moved to California as a kid, just like me!

Ice Cube = the rapper who was in NWA, starred in the Friday movies and is rumored to be married to a cousin of a friend of mine...but that could be ALL LIES!
Ice Cube's real name is O'Shea Jackson, which sounds like a black Irish crimefighter to me.
Ice Cube will be 38 this June.
Ice Cube was born in LA but graduated from a high school in Woodland Hills, which is technically "The Valley", as in Valley Girls.

Does that clear it up Deb?

Special thanks to IMDB