Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sawyer, the pup

We got a puppy today.
He's tiny and black and cute and part Pekinese

And part Schipperke

Which really does seem like an odd combination.

We like him...of course, he hasn't pooped in the house yet. :)

We named him Sawyer.
Pics to follow.


Forest Lady said...

I can't wait to see him!

Bern said...

How are the cats getting along with the pup?
Maybe Sawyer will stop Louie from bringing in the pressies!

debbie d said...

does that make him a schi-nese or a pek-perke?

Jessica said...

Sawyer got thumped a couple times yesterday. He recovered though.
Baby spent all day yesterday hiding outside, Louie ventured in but I think he was mostly making sure that he really really couldn't EAT the pup.

I think we've decided that he's a Peke-erke (pronounced Peek-Erk)
or is is schipper-key?
Someone knows....

Bern said...

Peki-Schip!! :)

Jessica said...

We found out it's skipper-key, so I guess he's either a skippenese or a peke-erkey. I like Peke-erkey, personally! ;)