Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Seriously, I've had enough!

A few days ago I noticed that the carpet under Elizabeth's bed was wet.

Bob investigated and found that the toilet from the bathroom that is under renovation was leaking into her room.
He fixed that.
But the carpet in her room was soaked. SOAKED.

So we had to pull up the carpet from against the bathroom wall to try to dry it out. Elizabeth can't go into her room now at all. All her stuff is piled up against the other wall....seriously.

THEN Bob threw out his back this morning and is laying in bed, in pain. I can't take anymore!

What else could POSSIBLY happen this week?
It's only TUESDAY!


Chris said...

Tempting fate, eh? Sorry you've had such a tough go of it lately. You need a vacation.

Jessica said...

And how!

We are going down to Phoenix in a few weeks but, who KNOWS what could happen in the meantime!

Chris said...

You could always come out to the east coast. We'll entertain you.