Friday, April 20, 2007

Hunting season is open!

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I hung up a few bird feeders last weekend making a little area for our feathered friends right by our front deck. So the birds can snack and we can watch them. Everyone is happy.
Louie is VERY happy.

The first day that the bird feeders were up, he spent the whole day laying behind a tree casing the joint.
Today, he pounced. Probably for Hitler's birthday.

Not 20 minutes after Bob left for work, I found a mess of feathers all over the living room carpet. Oh, and a bloody headless bird.
I'm getting tough though, I just scooted it onto a dustpan and tossed it into the yard. Dylan watched out the window as the bird "flew" to the ground. He was fascinated.

Lucky for him, about 10 minutes later Louie brought in another bird, dead but not headless. I vacuumed up THOSE feathers and scooted the NEW bird onto the dustpan. This time I showed the kids the dead bird. Elizabeth was horrified. Dylan was overjoyed.
It's now 8:30 am.

Birds - 0
Louie - 2

Tune in later for the final score!

As of 1:30 p.m., no additional avian casualties have been reported. Sources attribute the abatement of feline/avian hostilities not to a unexpected truce agreement, but rather high wind conditions forcing the feathered contingent to seek appropriate shelter. More details will be published as they become available.


eva said...

Are you sure Louie's not preparing to eat YOUR family someday? I'd be worried.

Jessica said...

Not 100 percent sure.
That's why I try to channel his hostility toward the birds.

Jessica said...

They got another bird and a mouse the next day.
They are really gearing up for a good season!