Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lindsay Lohan going to jail too??

Lindsay Lohan booked on suspicion of DUI

Cops also found coke at the scene.
Maybe she can room with Paris.
Ya think?


Maribeth said...

I saw she is back in rehab. Hope she didn't go back to Wonderland. My husband saw on some news show that actors that get convicted of 'drug' related crimes need to self-insure if they work in films due to the cost of films today otherwise studios won't touch you. They used Robert Downey Jr as an example.

Jessica said...

I've heard that too. It may just be over soon for Miss Lohan if she can't clean herself up!
I read on one of the celeb blogs where they were saying "Don't go to Wonderland! They hand you a bag of coke at the door!"
Funny, but, hmmm, not funny.