Wednesday, June 06, 2007

1,600 roller-shoe injuries reported

1,600 roller-shoe injuries reported

I HATE ROLLER SHOES! How many of those injuries were caused by me clotheslining the kids rolling around in Walmart?
I'd venture about 50 percent.


eaf said...

The other fifty percent are me inadvertently sticking my foot out in the library as some little suburban spawn zooms by.

Did I mention "IN THE LIBRARY?"

Almost makes me want to put my hair in a bun and go "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Jessica said...

Pinchy little glasses on the tip of your nose....

Did I mention that I really freaking hate roller shoes.
There was a little girl rolling around in Walmart yesterday...Seriously, I almost tripped her.

Amy said...

They are just lawsuits waiting to happen. I've seen a worker in Fred Meyer (our "everything you could want under one roof" store) on TWO occasions yell at kids to stop rolling in the store. The ONLY time I thought they were good was on Amazing Race All-Stars, when Mirna pulled Charla along while they were running to catch a plane.

Jessica said...

Ha! Mirna and Chmirna.
Love em!

pstvnrgy said...

I think those shoes look like so much fun! I would have been all over them if they were around when we were kids!