Monday, June 25, 2007

Just lumps

Four ultrasounds and countless mammograms (yes, mammograms) later my lumps were determined to be "just lumps"


Me and my squished up boobies need a break!


Amy said...

Yay! Will they put a note of this in your file, so that next year the doctor will remember that you have lumpy boobies? Every year my doctor says, "well here's some lumps, but they're moving, and your boobs are always lumpy."

Jessica said...

If not I shall affix a large red sticker to my file that says

"My boobs are lumpy! Please don't make me go squish them for THREE HOURS AGAIN!!!!"


I can't WAIT until it's a yearly thing!

Freebird said...

Ouch! Mammograms hurt, but yay on them being benign!

cube said...


Chris said...


Andrea said...

Thank goodness! I'm glad to hear they are just lumps.