Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chuck E Cheese is the Devil

At least it seems MY kids think so.
Elizabeth was DYING to go to Chuck E Cheese's so we broke down and took her today.
The kids reacted pretty much as I expected they would....totally freaked out by the animatronic Chuck E Cheese Band. Especially the duck, or chicken or whatever that broad is.
My other observations:
Whak A Mole is not pleasant background noise when you are dining.
Chuck E Cheese pizza gives me a tummy ache.
Coke Zero is good.
Kids are animals.
There are too many cell phones and laptops in this world.
Five tokens is plenty for a three year old.
There's a reason why they serve beer and wine at Chuck E Cheese...see Whak A Mole.

Also, did you know that when you go into a Chuck E Cheese they stamp your whole party with the same invisible number so you don't steal an extra kid on your way out? Very clever.

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