Thursday, August 16, 2007


Over Easter break I took the kids down to Phoenix to visit with my mom, go to the zoo, etc.
On the way there, I got a speeding ticket (a totally bullsh speeding ticket. Yes, bullsh) in Overgaard.
The fine was $119. I paid it. Unfortunately I paid it three days late and the court issued a $20 late charge to me for that.
Also unfortunately, they didn't inform me (though they say they did) that I had gotten this fine. So I went on with my life, thinking there's no fine and everything IS fine.
It is so not fine. But I didn't know that.
Cut to last Saturday. I came home from my mom's house to find a nice big letter from the justice court saying that I now owe them $101 and oh yeah by the way your license is suspended.
I was like, whoa. What now?
So I called up the court and told them I paid the fine! What the hell!?
They said "You gotta pay up another $100, that's what's the hell."
So since then I've been trapped in my house. Not wanting to risk getting pulled over and cited for driving on a suspended license **AHEM Paris Hilton*** I've just stayed home, cleaned, did laundry etc etc.
Mind you, the house is still uber trashed, but that's only because I have Dylan and Elizabeth aka Mini Taz and Tornado running around right behind me re-messing the house as I clean.
SO anyway. I guess I'm a criminal. But I still think the county court just sucks for sticking it to me like this.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, as them for proof that that they mailed you notice of the late fee.

Jessica said...

When I called I told them that I never got a notice at all of a late fee! In fact, I got the notice that my license was suspended BEFORE I got the notice of delinquent account which doesn't make any friggin sense to me...
Anyway, I told them the late fee notice didn't come and wouldn't I have just paid the $20? And the clerk said nothing got sent back to them so as far as they know I DID get the notice.

Andrea said...

That is awful! But good choice not driving on your suspended license. What if you had to go to JAIL?!

P.S. I'm down for an Idaho rendevous

Jessica said...

Going to jail would be so not hot.