Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Imagination

Last night I was making dinner (Tuna Noodle Casserole, for the epicurious) and Elizabeth decided to play make-believe with some styrofoam packing material.
Her game of choice "Does THIS look like a pirate hat?"
Every single variation she came up with just looked like styrofoam on her head. And I was distracted by boiling noodles and piping hot cheese sauce, so everytime she would come out and ask "Does THIS look like a pirate hat?" I would say "No, not really"
She'd huff off back to her dressing room and tell her dad "She said no again!"
Then there would be some rustling and some giggling and she'd return with a new configuration of styrofoam.
I rejected all of her creations.
Finally, she got upset...she took off the hat and ran back to her daddy saying "She keeps saying NO! She just doesn't REALIZE!!!"

Then I laughed, and also kinda felt bad.


Chris said...

Heh. Athena just declares it to be a pirate hat and that's the end of it. She'll get mad if you disagree. "No daddy! It's a pirate hat and I'm a pirate princess!"

Anonymous said...

God what is wrong with you!