Friday, September 14, 2007

Doh-wa! Boootsssssss

Dylan is in love.
Completely and totally in love.

His new girlfriend is Doh-wa!

Since Elizabeth already went through the "Obsessed with Dora" phase, we have Dora everythings. Dora bedsheets, Dora blankets, Dora clothes, Dora Memory card game, Dora Candyland, Dora umbrella, Dora table and chairs, Dora toys...oh lord, the Dora toys.
And once you start collecting Dora, it's just inevitable that you're gonna want some of her friends too. So we've got some Boots, Swiper, Tico, Issa, Benny, Abuela and of course Diego!
And since all those people are gonna want something to do, we've got a Dora car, a Dora carnival, a Dora house (not the magic one), a Dora plays soccer set, and on and on...

Dylan has jumped onto the Dora bandwagon this last month or so, demanding Dora cereal, Dora fruit snacks, Dora whatever the hell...

He runs around the house with Dora toys yelling "Doh-wa! Booootsssss!" and for Diego "Go go go!"
He's also starting to learn backpack: "Baa-paa"
and though he can't say Swiper yet, he's got the catchphrase down pat...

"Ohhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"


Maribeth said...

I have an obsessed Elmo girl on my hands so I can feel your pain. All she ever says is Elmo. I think we've made a small investment into the Seasame Street collection.

Chris said...

Athena still loves Dora, although we've managed to get her to diversify into Backyardigans and a couple other shows.

Jessica said...

My two are very solidly in the Dora sector, though they are attempting to enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now!

eaf said...

Athena knows every word to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song.

Does a mother proud, that one.

*It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Come inside, it's fun inside...*

debdills said...

i know it's odd cos i don't have kids, and i know it's odd cos (i assume) it's annoying as heck to parents, but, i LOVE that backyardigans toy that sings and spins!

i think i just like little barely walking one-ish-ers toddling around with it, and knocking it over, and trying to spin.... cracks me up!

the show, however, is probably not my cup of tea.

Jessica said...

Backyardigans is actually quite cute.