Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney Holds Her Kids Hostage, Wreaks Havoc Britney Holds Her Kids Hostage, Wreaks Havoc

Oh dear.

First off, thank GOD she wasn't so over the edge that she harmed her children or herself. The reports say the paramedics took Jayden to the hospital too, but I would imagine he was more dehydrated than anything else since they took forever to get her and the kids from the house to the hospital.

Secondly, thank GOD she's finally getting a REAL mental evaluation. If the cops took her away to the hospital, they must have 5150ed her, which even in California - Land of the Kooks is a serious thing. She could be held under a 5150 for up to 72 hours. Just enough time to detox.

If I was K-Fed I'd NEVER let her take the kids unsupervised ever again. Watch today for an emergency hearing called by his lawyers to totally strip her of all her custodial rights. I'd bet on that.

The celeb blogs are reporting that though Brit was all smiles in the ambulance that took her away, she was restrained for the ride, taken out in handcuffs and once inside the hospital completely lost her marbles saying she'd rather die than let K-Fed take her kids away. They allegedly then sedated her. I feel bad for her, but she obviously is having major mental problems.
Here's hoping she can pull it together, if not, it's not looking good for Ms. Spears.


Andrea said...

Shocking! She is seriously unstable. I feel so sorry for those kids. Thanks for being my Britney news source. :)

Andrea said...

PS-Boy or Girl?! I must know!

Jessica said...

I enjoy being the official Britney news source for the whole HBC UCD HBICs.

keep your browser pointed here for updates on Brit and updates on NuBabee. My u/s is set for 1 pm today mountain time, 12 pacific, 3 eastern.
What the hell time is that in Alaska? 10 am?

Amy said...

12 pacific is 11 AM Alaska time, 10 AM Hawaii time. Dang, I wastedly kept checking yesterday, thinking that was your appointment.

I don't like how they said she held her kids hostage. I mean, unless she was brandishing a gun or threatening to kill them. But oh, yes, that is so grounds for denial of parental rights. Or supervised visitation at a court facility, if they have any in LA (and I'm sure they do). At least this time she was actually showing an interest in the kids. That's something.

Jessica said...

The official word is that the cops were called to mediate the custody dispute when she wouldn't turn the babies over to K-Fed's bodyguard at the end of her visitation.
Then her court appointed monitor removed SPF from the home, put him into the car and Brit locked herself in a room with Jayden for an hour and a half before the cops were able to get them both out.
I suppose if the time for her supervised visit elapsed and she refused to relinquish the kids she could be charged with custodial interference. Then locking herself in the bathroom would sort of be like kidnapping, I suppose. At least technically.

And I was sooo right. As soon as courts opened this morning, K-Fed's lawyers were there petitioning to strip Brit off all custodial rights.
Boo yah.

Jessica said...

PS I thought my appt was yesterday too, but I was wrong. Luckily I found my reminder card before I showed up there 24 hours early! :)

Amy said...

Oh, and this is entirely off topic, but I had a dream last night that you were a lesbian with a filipino (I think she was filipino) partner. I had a picture of you and her and you and Bob, and thought, she doesn't look right with this lady, she looks right with Bob.

And then I woke up and thought, What the hell!

Jessica said...

You really shouldn't be dreaming about me with Tila Tequila!
Wait, she's Vietnamese...

I had a dream last night that I had a girl baby a'gestatin'
We'll see.

Meredith said...

I can't wait until 3 eastern!! So excited for the news.

It must be a girl, since I had a dream Brendan was a boy...and he is of course! Tell us soon!

P.S. Britney is a crazy beeotch.