Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's all sinking in...

Yikes! Two boys!
Two crazy boys!!!

I think Anne Marie is right though...There are FIVE Franco boys and her mom is still relatively sane...right??!?!

It'll be good. At least I'll have 6 to 8 months where the new baby can't crawl or move around by himself to get used to having three kids.....

My mom left to drive back home this morning. I'm totally worried with all the storming and winds and crazy weather going on in California right now. Even though she's driving from here to Phoenix and then onto L.A.-ish...she's not going through any snowy wonderlands or anything. But still.
I'm sad too. Having someone to chat with during the day who wasn't under four feet tall was awesome.
Thank goodness she'll be back in May when we have our New Baby Boy!


Anne Marie said...

Yes- my mom somehow survived the 5 boys with her sanity. But my dad still says I was the hardest to raise! I think you are going to have a blast, I think the bonds brothers hold are pretty special and lifelong- if we have another, I'd be leaning toward boy. I just feel bad that Owen is bombarded with Kylee's girl-ness, and he'd have a little bro to do boy stuff with. Plus, Kylee would remain my one and only girl that I can do girl stuff with... just like I did with my mom. I'm sorry your mom left to go back home, I know you must have been having a blast. You'll just have that much more to look forward to when the new little guy arrives in May!

Jessica said...

That's what we have decided too. That Dylan will love having a brother and Elizabeth will stay our one and only princess!
I never had a sister and wouldn't know how to deal with the sister issues anyway! :)
But Bob has three brothers, so he's well versed in brotherhood.

Meredith said...

I am so excited for you and your new family! And before I had Brendan I was so scared of raising a boy since I am the girliest girl ever, but I am just loving playing with cars and trains and getting into the boy stuff. With a sister all we had were Barbies and My Little Pony. It will be great! And I hear you on your Mom going back - I miss having my Mom around too. Wish we could live closer to them!