Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whoa. An update.

Apparently, Amy Winehouse (though the celeblogs are now calling her Amy Crackhouse) has checked herself into rehab.
They tried to make her go, and she finally said yes.
Maybe this one won't die after all.

And this Heath Ledger tragedy has gotten so big in the news cycle that even my MOM is talking about it. Usually if it has to do with celebrities, and those celebrities are not Tom Selleck, she's not very interested.
Tonight she called to tell me she had gone shopping for the kids and the baby and blah blah blah...Then out of nowhere she said...

"What do think of this Heath Ledger thing? So sad!"
She then launched into an indictment of the masseuse who called Mary-Kate Olsen instead of 911 upon first finding him (probably) dead. And she was livid too.

"Something should happen to that masseuse. She should be charged with something!!"

My mom.

Those of you who KNOW my mom are now flabbergasted.

Usually I'll bring up something like, "Hey isn't Tara Reid looking a smidge too crackheady and thin lately?" and she's like "Tara Who-now? I don't care. Those people are all crazy."

I'm not even sure she knew who Heath Ledger was before he died. Well, maybe she got some residual knowledge of him from "Brokeback Mountain" but beyond that...I'm positive that if I asked her a week ago what she thought of Heath Ledger she'd say:
"Is that some kind of new candy bar? Is there peanut butter in that?"


eva said...

Hee. Your mom is funny. Also, I hadn't heard the bit about Mary-Kate, is that really true?

Jessica said...

Of course it's true!
I only post true celeb gossip! :)