Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Daily Schedule

Here's my plan for the day, which aside from the appointment is a pretty typical day.

6 am - Get woken up by my husband's alarm clock.
6:15 am - Get woken up by alarm again, since he didn't turn it off but rather accidentally "snoozed" it.
6:18 am - Somehow put baby back to sleep.
7 am - Wake up for real
Start laundry
Start coffee
Pee alone for first and only time today
Get fifth nosebleed in three days
Try to turn three day old bagel into acceptable breakfast; fail. Instead have yogurt.
Drink Chug coffee.

7:15 am - Baby wakes up for real. Nurse him. Change diaper.
7:22 am - Baby poops, change diaper again.

Here I start losing track of time...

Get on computer to check email, write brilliant blog post.
Elizabeth wakes up.
Change another baby diaper.
Dylan wakes up.
Change a hideous toddler poo diaper.

Pass out yogurt to big kids. Elizabeth chooses blueberry then decides she ~neeeeeds~ to have strawberry. Dylan has the only strawberry left.
Mediate disagreement. Break up wrestling match over yogurt.
Clean up spilled yogurt.
Change another poopy baby diaper.

8:30 am - Tell Elizabeth to start thinking about what she'll wear that day.
Baby falls asleep in bouncy chair.
Dylan pokes baby.
Baby wakes up.

8:45 am - Tell Elizabeth AGAIN to pick out an outfit.
She returns in an acceptable ensemble. Tell her to get a brush for her crazy bed head.

9 am - No brush in hand, Elizabeth returns. Ask her to pick out clothes for Dylan. She fails several times before coming up with a decent outfit.

9:05 am - Nurse baby.
9:12 am - Elizabeth runs by with a brush.
9:15 am - Dylan is in a diaper, no clothes...

Between now and 9:45 I have to brush Elizabeth's hair properly, dress Dylan, finish nursing Ben, dress Ben, dress myself, load all children into the car and leave for our appointment.

10:30 am - Appointment

Whenever THAT'S done, I have to reload children, drive to cable company, unload children, pay cable bill, reload children. Probably somewhere in here, nurse Ben.

We are planning to visit the park, but it's dang windy, so we might skip it, who knows.
Then I promised Elizabeth she could buy new ~~strawberry~~ yogurt, so she'd always have some to eat, so we have to do that too.

I figure we'll get back home around 2 pm when I will want desperately to collapse into a heap, but will instead have to finish laundry, wash dishes, make dinner, change umpteen more diapers, say "Stop touching that!" about 700 times and "Stop hitting each other!" about 750 times. Add in more nursing.
Then Bob will get home around 6 pm.
We'll eat dinner, clean up dinner, wash more dishes. Nursing baby. Change more diapers.
Dylan will demand to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks" around 7:15 pm.
He will run out of his room hollering about something at around 7:17 pm.

At 8 pm Dylan will go to bed for the first time. By about 8:45 it will stick.
Change more diapers. Fend off Elizabeth's whiny demands polite requests that we play Sorry or Dora Bingo.

9 pm - Elizabeth falls asleep on the couch.
I put the baby into his bassinet.

9:05 pm - Baby cries.
Nursing, nursing, more diapers.

9:37 pm - Baby falls asleep.
9:38 pm - I fall asleep.

I'll wake up to nurse Ben at 11:45 pm, 2:45 am and 4:45 am.
Then we start over.


Anonymous said...

And here is a new reason why I shouldn't have kids, which is in addition to the one I came up with yesterday, in that I will turn into my loony mother even MORE than I already am.

Last night I was giving eskimo kisses or something to David's head, nad he was making a face that said "I really want her to stop, but if I tell her to she'll get mad, I wonder how much longer she's going to do this because it's really annoying and I need her to stop." So I said, "You know, when you have kids it's going to be WAY worse than this, they'll be in your face ALL THE TIME, saying "Daddy, wake up, Daddy, I have a poopy diaper, Daddy, I have to pee, Daddy, I have to pee, Daddy, I just peed on the floor, Daddy, the dog's food tastes yucky."

And HE said, "Yes, well until I HAVE kids, I can enjoy peace and quiet so PLEASE stop."

Ann said...

Sounds like a good day in the life of a mom. Hope it turns out exactly as written with no surprises (you know the suspects--vomiting, blood, screaming, etc.). Good luck.

Amy, how come I can't read your blog anymore?

Anonymous said...

Ann, I went private, I guess you missed the message. Send me your email address and I'll invite you (mine is asmaio at yahoo dot com).

Sorry to hijack your blog Jessey!

Jessica said...


Take this blog to Cuba!!

Everything I wrote up until the break for the appointment was actual events.

I didn't get any more nosebleeds and noone was TOO terrible at any other point of the day. So YAY! Success!

Though it IS only 4:30 pm and I might be getting cocky if I declare the day a success now...

Dylan DID throw himself all over the hallway during our appointment. BUT he didn't even FLINCH for his bloodwork, so that was awesome.
We skipped the windy park and instead went to Wal-Mart where I bought 800 gallons of juice and some strawberry yogurt.
I got that new cranberry and acai juice. Here's hoping it's good. They got me during the commercial when they said the acai berry was "chocolatey"
Well played juice people. Well played.

Chris said...

I got tired just reading that.

debdills said...

Jessey, I hate to say it, but you're merely pushing me more toward the "auntie of the year" corner than the "Let's get married and pop out babies" corner.

I honestly cannot comprehend how you sahms do it.

Reading things like this helps me understand why some animals eat their young.

Anne Marie said...

Ahhhhh! What have I gotten myself into?!?! You are describing my exact days right now, minus the poopy diapers and nursing. How in the heck am I going to handle 3 when my 2 are running me into the ground? Your next post NEEDS to be all about how much nicer life is with 3, how two was so much harder. Ok, thanks, Jessey.

Jessica said...

Done and done!

You've got to tell me how to get my toddler boy out of diapers AM. I swear to God if you don't tell me the secret I'll drop him off at your house this summer and pick him up ONLY when he's potty trained!!