Thursday, July 10, 2008

I wonder if they are the source of all his powers of chaos?

Dylan has been informed that he will have to lose some weight.

Approximately 20 grams of weight.

Yes, that's right.
Dylan will be getting his tonsils out next month!

Since Elizabeth has already undergone this procedure, I'm fairly well versed in what it all will technically entail. But Elizabeth is Elizabeth and Dylan is the Tasmanian Devil in disguise.

I love him, he's my oldest son and still my sweetboy but God help me the kid has energy like you wouldn't believe, a horrible temper and a scream that can scratch diamonds.
Though he is a little maniac, he's also eager to please and be loved so he's FAIRLY cooperative, but we'll see how the whole "let's put this needle in your arm, make you go nigh-night and take out 20 grams of lymphatic tissue from inside your head little boy" thing goes.
Bwah ha ha!

Of course, they don't say THAT to the kid...they talk up the ice cream buffets he'll be having and the popsicles! My lord the popsicles!
But I know that with the popsicles and ice cream buffet comes pain and pain and more pain. And Tylenol with Codeine! And smelly breath!

When Elizabeth got her surgery she was just days from turning 4 years old. Dylan will be just over 2.5 years old and thus significantly less able to comprehend what is going on.
I think this time around there will be less explaining to him beforehand what's going to happen and a whole lot more babying him in the aftermath. And more TyCo. And more Kamikazes, for mommy.


Maribeth said...

Wow that took no time! Best of luck to you and Dylan!

Anne Marie said...

I can't believe Dylan is having them out so soon after Elizabeth, that's crazy! At least you know what to expect, but that can be good and bad... so I'm wishing you lots of luck. We'll be thinking of Dylan and hope his super young age makes him recover super fast!

Jessica said...

They say the younger the better as far as recovery time goes AND he won't remember it at all which is good.
The part I'm most worried about is when they wheel him away into the operating room (which made me bawl with Elizabeth) and when he comes out of the surgery and wakes up (because Elizabeth FREAKED THE HELL OUT!!!!!)

If you can imagine...he is 32 pounds, about three feet tall, very heavy like a cannonball and hard to control under the best circumstances.
This is the kid who would flip out and tear out an IV line, I'm sure.
Also, I'll have to pump for Benjamin at least four bottles of breastmilk. I better start now! :)