Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacay pics!!

Here are some recent pics from our vacation in Cali!

Elizabeth takes a gymnastics class at the very same place where I took classes as a kid!

There she is in the class. Somewhere in there.

Nani and her new baby!

Pirates, argh!

Watching the boats during lunch at the Harbor.

Making sand castles. Dylan was THRILLED to be in a giant sandbox!

Eating breakfast.

Thrilled to be in the LITTLE sandbox.

Mommy and Ben.

Peach face

This picture might look real, fun and spontaneous...but she totally staged it. That's dedication to the blog right there!

Blowing bubbles in the sunshine!


Pixie Louisa Parker Leigh Raychek said...

Where did you go to gymnastics?? I went to Ima-gym-nation for years until I fractured my elbow trying to do an ariel, which effectively ended my (oh yes VERY promising) gymnastics career. :)

Jessica said...

Oh yes, that's Imagymnation all right!
We signed up my son and daughter for two weeks (two classes each) while we are in town.
They are loving it so far.

I swear, it's exactly the same Jess. It took me back....