Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day in Pics

The Poser ~ she picked out her own outfit and decided on her hairstyle all by herself. Since they don't bring lunch and can't bring toys, her backpack holds a crayon roll and a total change of clothes and socks and tennis shoes. Just in case.

Oh brother, you'll miss her! I hairsprayed her pigtails, and Dylan insisted that we spray his hair too, so he got a Faux-hawk.

On the way...that's Ben's leg in the corner!

Finally!! We're here!(a half hour early!)

On the playground waiting for the classroom to open

Dylan's getting sad....

"I want to go to the classroom tooooooo!"


Anonymous said...

Oh kids, they just don't realize that school isn't so much fun. Then, they don't realize that school is so much more fun than work. Here's to another generation thinking the best stuff is up ahead! (oh, I so didn't mean to sound so crappingly cynical).

debdills said...

Awww... I love Dylan's little sad face!

And I am really curious about Amy's thoughts on retirement.... please don't tell me it sucks, cos I don't think I can take that! let's hope for a pre-school type of routine.... =)

Jessica said...

She's right though...playing at home > school > work
That's a known fact. :)

Anonymous said...

Retirement = where you start to hate your spouse (if you haven't already) because they are there all the time! Although I it's the women who get annoyed with their spouse, not the other way around.

debdills said...

so retirement = relaxation if you can get away from your spouse....
that changes the budget a bit.

and have any of you noticed that once you start working, you never make enough? but that first job felt like it was sooooo much money?