Thursday, September 04, 2008

During the break...

It's been one week since I posted. Man, a lot of stuff can happen in a week.

We left for Utah on Saturday morning. It was supposed to be a two day trip, we'd drive home Monday...aka My Birthday.

Well, things don't always go as planned.
We arrived in Hatch at dinnertime Saturday night. Bob's dad and his wife were already there, as were Bob's sister, her husband and their two kids.

Bob's sister was four months pregnant. Early Sunday morning she miscarried the baby. She and the whole family are absolutely devastated, obviously.
We carried on with our somber vacation, extending our stay by two days to accommodate for my sister in law's trips back to the hospital to get checked out. We ended up leaving Wednesday afternoon, as she finally was cleared for travel.

What the greater meaning of this will turn out to be, we don't know, we don't presume to know, we don't know if we'll ever know.....

Right now on the whole, we're grieving as a family, trying to stay positive and pull together to support my sister in law and her husband.
Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Here are some pictures of happier times from this weekend:


Jessica said...

So sorry for the loss. That's hard on a whole family. :(

Anne Marie said...

Hey Jessey- how devastating for everyone, I know your suffering as my brother and his wife had an ectopic pregnancy this year. It just isn't right to have to lose a child, and I will pray for you all during this time. I'm glad you could be with your family, and I hope you were able to enjoy your 30th even though circumstances were so tough. Love ya and will keep you in my thoughts.

Sunny said...

Hi Jessica,

I read you blog every now and then and I've always wanted to post, but today when I read your post it really hit home.

I am very sorry for your family's loss. My husband and I suffered a loss this year too. We were devastated and didn't know how we were going to be able to move on, but we were very lucky to have our family there for us. They show support like you wouldn't believe. I was angry at the world and couldn't understand why this happens to people like us, but having people in your corner really makes a huge difference. Right now is a very sensitive time and the light at the end of the tunnel seems out of reach, but believe me, it's there. We are doing a lot better and trying to stay as positive as possible about our future. You never really get over it, but you find the strength to continue.

Please let your sister-in-law know that my heart and prayers go out to her and that she has a right to grieve for however long she needs.