Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Scottsdale weekend

The kids and I left Friday morning for Scottsdale.
It took about three hours and it's a 160 mile trip, but before you think I am the world's slowest driver...the part from Payson, Ariz. all the way to Fountain Hills, Ariz. is steep, rocky, one-lane, twisty, down the mountain, scary-ass road.
Plus it was super windy that day, and I am extremely cautious while conveying my precious cargo.

We had to stop in Payson (about 80+ miles from our house) to get lunch for the kids and specifically to feed Benjamin. He was HOWLING!
After that, it was no stops all the way to Scottsdale.

Our hotel - Hospitality Suites Resort - was really cool, it was set up almost like my college dorms. All the room doors facing inward on a courtyard. All the courtyards were grass-side, shucks.
We happened to be in the A Building, which housed the lobby, restaurant, the sole jacuzzi in the place, a ramada bar (where there were free cocktails every night from 5 to 6:30 pm!), BBQ areas and of course, the pool.
Across the parking lot were B and C Buildings and a tennis court/basketball court, shuffleboard, ping pong, two more pools, more BBQ areas and more guest rooms, naturally.

There was ample parking, day or night AND we were right across the side street from a Food City (a grocery store) and a Big Lots!

The actual room itself was also super cool. There was a living room area with a fold out couch bed and a dining table area. There was also a FULL kitchen with a small stove, microwave, fridge...even DISHES and pots and pans! Perfect for traveling with kids!
There was a HUGE closet for storing our clothes, suitcases, strollers...seriously, I could have set up the port-a-crib in there and given Ben his own room. But I didn't. I swear I did not.

The bedroom (which had a closing door separating it from the living area, awesome for naps!) had two double beds, built-in dresser, a smaller TV and the bathroom was off of that room and was also a great size, lots of counter space.

So, we were beyond pleased with the accomodations, especially since it was only $105 a night! Incredible! The kids also enjoyed riding in the elevator multiple times per day, since we were on the third floor.

Friday afternoon, after our arrival, we just unpacked and settled in. Of course we visited the cocktail party. The kids had Shirley Temples, mom and I had margaritas. Very nice.

Saturday morning was ZOO day!
We were only about a 10 minute drive from the Phoenix Zoo. No freeways! Yay!
There's free parking at the zoo too, so, that's awesome.
Mom was so smart and bought our tickets online so we whisked by the lines forming at the ticket booths and jetted through the Advanced Ticket Sales line and bam! Zoo time!
Thank goodness it was an unusually cool weekend in Phoenix. The temps never got into the 80s during the day. We went around to all the exhibits, the kids loved every single animal they saw, even the sleeping giant anteater.
I was particularly in love with the baby orangutan. So cute.
We arrived there around 9 am and were finished with our tour of the zoo by just after noon. It was a LOT of walking, but totally worth it.
And without further ado, zoo pics!

Next installment: RailFair!


Jessica said...

So fun! What a perfect getaway!

Susie said...

looks like it was tons o fun!