Saturday, November 01, 2008

Seven of Nine....Thanks!

I'm not TERRIBLY political...I'm aware, I listen to talk radio, I pay attention, but other than voting, I don't participate in the process.

I have picked a candidate, but since this isn't a poli-blog, I won't trouble you with my choice.

Just know that I find this terribly hilarious...

During the 2004 Senate campaign of Barack Obama, his opponent Rep. Jack Ryan dropped out of the race due to a major scandal surrounding the release of records from his 1999 divorce from television actress Jeri Ryan.
The scandal was scandalicious...including sex clubs and kinky nonsense. Lovely.

Ryan was replaced by Alan Keyes, who lost to Obama handily and is now the Independent party candidate for president.

So thanks, Seven of Nine. Without you, would there be an Obama '08?


annette said...

wow just think,
if Jack Ryan had not lost Jeri he might have won and she might be
our next First Lady!

debdills said...

here's an interesting take.... rather than blame seven of nine, consider blaming ditka. as in mike ditka of da bears fame.