Thursday, May 14, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12: Finale!

Thank GOD it's over!
As bored as you are reading this, I was much more bored watching the show! Gah. Started out with such promise, ended up in Dulltown.

OK, final's gonna be awesome.
They're shooting the Cover Girl ad. Commercial and print ad.
Aminat's is the best, by far. But they say she doesn't use the top half of her face. Dead eyes. "Botoxville" is the word used.
Hmm. OK.

Allison drops all her lines, fumbles the words and basically bumbles through the whole ad. Then the director says she looks like Bettie Page...and I don't know where he's getting it from at all. AT ALL. It makes me question his competence frankly. Judge for yourself.


Teyona weeps through most of her commercial and her takes are crappy. She's freaking out. Uh-OH!

Since it's a double elimination night there's no time to waste. The panel is convened and the penultimate elimination takes place.
All the girls have lovely photos. The ads are shaky at best. Clearly Aminat's is the best take.
Allison! Wha? Ok.
and the final spot in the final two and the chance to stomp at the Rosa Cha fashion show goes to...

Aminat is sent home...I'm flabbergasted.

The last thing to do before they crown the winner is the final fashion show. Ohhhh snap. Allison can barely walk OFF the runway. Burn!!
She's surely done for right?

Well, turns out she kicks ass on this particular runway even garnering praise from the panel for being playful with Miss Jay, runway diva coach extraordinaire, during the show.
They proclaim Teyona good, if a bit stiff, and dang if I don't think that Allison is seriously going to win this!
But then.....

America's Next Top Model is...
Whatever. Stupid turtle face.

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