Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As if the multi-kid sleepover we had Monday night wasn't enough...

Last night before bed I got a terrible nosebleed. Yay! It took like a half hour to deal with. Horrible.
Then in the middle of the night my highly tuned body woke me up with major alarm signals. I was bleary eyed trying to figure out why I was waking up at 3 am...then I realized. I got my period. GREAAAAT!
I am not happy AT ALL!
I am on the phone AS I TYPE with the doctors office. This is shenanigans!

All that frickin pain for nothing!


I dealt with that and went back to bed only to be woken up at 4:30 am by the baby's crying. Ugh. Of course!

I listened for awhile to see if he would calm himself down or keep escalating his annoyance.
He escalated.


So I went into his room and he was not sopping wet, not puked all over himself, not covered in poo, not trapped in the crib slats...hmm...just bored I guess.

I took him out of the crib, changed him for good measure and then laid down with him on Dylan's toddler bed. THANK GOD I'M SHORT. I actually can fit in that toddler bed! Ha!

He didn't seem to want to relax with me, preferring instead to pull my hair and slap my face. Not cool.
So I put him back into the crib, gave him a little bottle of milk and tried to go back to bed. But every time I would try to leave his room, Ben would howl. Great.
Back to the toddler bed for me, though, with my two big kids taking up all the room on MY side of MY bed, I probably had MORE space in the toddler bed.

So that's where I spent the next three hours of semi-sleep. In the toddler bed. Ben woke up again at 7:30 am and decided he was done with sleep, maybe forever.

I took him out of the crib and tried to get him to relax with me, but he was having none of it. He resumed slapping me and pulling my hair and also throwing baby books. Nice.

Eventually I gave up and brought him out into the living room for some cereal and I got my coffee started. It's gonna be a loooooong, tiring day.


Anonymous said...

You have to buy the Ferber book. It's brutal, and involves some crying, but they sleep better.
"Solve your children's sleep problems"
I'd send you my copy, but I still use it from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Period, not cool. I feel like mine should be coming soon, but I forgot to keep track. I am living in a semi-delusional state that the 5 ounces of breast milk I am able to extract a day is warding it off.

I think my Chubbs has colic. Or reflux. Or maybe both. Hard to tell, since she has only one cry, which is loud. Though she just screamed so much she looked like Violet Beauregarde (only like a raspberry) and was super sweaty, so I'm leaning toward reflux. Even though she has no symptoms except for a hoarse voice, which could be due to the excessive screaming. Book throwing sounds fun. Do you want to switch?

Jessica said...

Amy! I would totally switch you babies! I miss having a baby girl.
Colic usually only comes on in the afternoon and is hideous. Reflux would be after every time they eat...

Oh, and you're supposed to email me your address so I can send you those herbs. Not *those* herbs! You know what I mean.

Jessica said...

Benny is usually a great sleeper, but he's got another damn ear infection and ended up in bed at 6:30 pm because he didn't nap well during the day, sooo....yeah. Totally my fault!

Anonymous said...

Scott has yet to have an ear infection. They sound terrible! I am hoping he can skip that part of baby-dom

Anonymous said...

I think she's just an unhappy child. I kind of hope it's reflux, b/c it's treatable (or at least I can give her something to make her feel slightly better). But I kind of hope it's not, because that means she's been in pain for the past month or so, and we can't tell. She's like a totally asymptomatic child. Bum lung? No outward signs of that, and we probably never would've known if she hadn't been premature and they X-ray like crazy. The only symptom of reflux is hoarseness, but hello, I'd lose my voice too if I screamed as loudly!

yes, I will send you my address for the herbs that have done absolutely nothing. Yes, average 2 ounces per pumping session totally enough to feed two children.

Kenna said...

I am so sorry!!! You should have called me I would have totally takin' the older 2 off your hands! You wanna send them my way tomorrow? Let me know! I hope you feel better:)

Jessica said...

Dylan was a pretty miserable baby, compared to his sister who was soooo laid back it was ridiculous.

I attribute Dylan's terribly baby-dom to all the emotional stress I went through during my pregnancy with him. He's still a pretty emotionally volatile kid. Still too soon to tell if it's just the age or his temperment.

Anonymous said...

They are polar opposites. Gabrielle cries because she's hungry, wet or lonely. and she has ranges! it's kind of hard to tell if Julia is bad compared to a "normal" baby. plus, Gabrielle is totally content, most of the time, to sit by herself. she is definitely mine & david's child. Julia. . .well, if the doctor didn't hold her up to show me, it'd be questionable that she was ours!

Jessica said...

Sounds right to me! You just had your kids at once so the differences are far more acute.
My Elizabeth and Ben are very alike. They like to play alone, cry only when hurt, hungry or wet (for the most part).
Dylan, ugh, is like another species of child.
He never wants to be alone, cries when he can't find his shoes (that he just took off and are right in front of him).....very different.....