Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steps! We've got steps!!

He only did it twice, but BENNY TOTALLY WALKED!

I was telling my mom how someone had told me that their baby started walking while holding onto clothespins and we decided to try that with Benny.
But we didn't have clothespins. We DID have Ice Age 3 Pez dispensers. Manny.

Clutching the candy conveyance in either chubby fist Benny stood in one place, sort of swaying a bit. Then just like magic, he took off! He stepped seven times into my mom's arms.

My eyes teared up. We cheered! The other kids came running to see what had happened, no doubt wishing it was the Kool-Aid man crashing through the wall with a candy pinata and dollar bills.

It wasn't. But they were totally excited to learn that Benny had walked.

Mom stood him up again, gave him the Mannys and he took seven steps to me! Yay!

I scooped him up and let the tears fall.

My baby!

He hasn't walked since then, so maybe it was just a fluke, but it's happening!!


Anonymous said...

The Kool-Aid man would've been cool.

Jessica said...

Oh yeaaaah!

He's walked a couple more times today...nothing more than 10 steps.

Kenna said...

Right on Benny!!!

Anne Marie said...

Yay, Benny! That's so exciting! We did the same thing with Kylee for her first steps- she held onto crayola markers and it totally worked. It's such a confidence builder for some reason.

Jessica said...

A few more days here and there where he takes a few steps....getting there...