Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Birthday Present

Sort of...

Yesterday was my birthday and for my birthday I got $20 from my husband, two really cool books from my father in law, $31 from my mom. Elizabeth drew me two heart pictures and I also got a birthday cake.

Oh, and a dog.

We adopted Sonny from Bob's friend who can't keep him at his place anymore.
So far, he's working out fine. But then again, it's only been one day. :)


Kenna said...

How does the dog like the cats? lol hope you had a great birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

I was coming to say, "$31?!" and then realized why she gave you $31. So is Bob trying to say you look no older than 20?

Jessica said...

Ha! What Bob said was "I hope you live to be 100 and I hope your mom is still alive then."

So sweet. So loving.

Kenna: The dog and the cats...well, you know how that goes. They are not friends yet.

Jason said...


Jessica said...

How's it going with the dog??