Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Panic Can't Be Good For Your Heart

Benny tried to fall down the stairs this morning...

He does this thing, like the other kids, where he gets onto his belly and slides down the stairs feet first. He only ever gets to do this after he wakes up from a nap because we put a gate in front of the stairs whenever he's awake so he can't climb up them and then try to fall down them.

But this morning...

I was up at the top of the stairs, Bob was downstairs. Benny was trying to slide down. Then he stopped mid-slide and tried to sit on the stairs....but his big giant head kept moving forward and he rolled down two steps before Bob raced up and caught him.

I screamed. Dylan ran into the bathroom and hid.

Just now, he tried to climb onto the TV cart and the whole thing started wiggling and of course I jumped up and grabbed him off of there and yelled at him for trying to tip the TV over onto himself. Why is he doing this?? This boy is giving me stress.

So that's how I started the day today.

In other news: Day Five without Facebook. I need to get a hold of somebody who I have no email address for and usually talk to over FB or Twitter. Both of which I can't log onto until Friday morning.
Sigh. I guess it can wait.

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