Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Changes TBD

There's a good chance that before the summer is over Bob and I will have moved again, taking the children with us of course.
This will mark the seventh time we have moved since 2002 when we first moved from one place in Vacaville to another place in Vacaville.
SEVEN moves in eight years, and two in less than a year?!? Yikes.

I think my record for most moves in a year is three which I believe I actually achieved in less than six months, and I was pregnant at the time. How we made it through that, I'll never know.

As this power plant job he's on starts to draw to a close (which should be in the next few weeks) he's already got another job lined up starting mid-May. But that job is ALSO not in Southern California, but rather based out of Vacaville. Seems like there's some unnatural force that really wants us to go back to NorCal.

Incidentally, I am totally fine with that. I love Northern California. You get all the great weather of SoCal (and a smidge more rain) and just a fraction of the plasticity. I can't imagine Heidi and Spencer packing it up and leaving L.A. for Sacramento. At least not until he runs for Governor. You laugh, it'll happen.

The list of pros is long indeed. I can get a job that will suit me and pay real money. Bob can be close to his family and beloved campgrounds and fishing holes. I can see my college friends more than once a year!

So, everyone keep your fingers crossed that we're able to work this out and hopefully by my next birthday I'll be writing this blog from a tiny apartment somewhere in NorCal. Or better yet, from my new fantastic job! On my break, of course.


Anonymous said...

I about to do the 4th move in 16 months, third in a year. One of which was done while pregnant too. I beat you! Short-term anyway, as David says he is done with moving and will not move out of the house until he's dead (at which point I presume the coroner will do the moving for him).

Now if we ever go and visit my parents, I will have to come up with a reason why I must leave the house. They likely will not let me go out alone with the children, especially if I say I am going to meet some super sketch I met on the internet.

Jessica said...

You do totally beat me on that!

I'm not SUPER sketchy. Just regular sketchy. LOL.

Meredith said...

yeah! hope it works out. i love nor cal! minus all that crappy rain last weekend.

Jessica said...

Seriously! What WAS that? Insanity.
Then after the shower, no more showers.
Then I wake up the next day....pouring rain. Dumb weather.

Susie said...

hopefully it will work out! I feel you on the moving.. We have moved an average of every 9 months for the last 12 years. Yes TWELVE years. We have moved 3 times in the last 2 years. I don't want to move again, but that is unlikely since we have probably 15 years left of military life LOL!