Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A typical conversation

Me: What do you want for dinner tonight?
Dylan: Chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.
Me: What about for the grownups who don't want to eat that stuff?
Dylan: Well, you can eat something else. Like salad. I like salad now. With nothing on it. But not tomatoes.
Me: You don't like tomatoes?
Dylan: Not until I am six. When I am six, Liz will be seven.
Me: Yep. In fact, Liz will be seven in exactly one month.
Dylan: You mean, tomorrow?
Me: No, one MONTH.
Dylan: I don't understand.
Me: Ok, you know how when you wake up and go to school and come home and go to sleep, that is one day?
Dylan: Yeaaaah.
Me: And seven days in a row is a week: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday, that's a week, right?
Dylan: Yes.
Me: And then four weeks in a row, like on the calendar, that's a month.
Dylan: (Silently thinking) Frankenstein is dead.
Me: Yes Dylan, Frankenstein is dead.


Amy said...

This sounds like mine, only I am meaner:

Girls: Daddy where is it?
Me: Daddy's at work.
Girls: Daddy where is it?
Me: Daddy's at work.
Gabrielle: Elmo where is it?
Me: Elmo's sleeping.
Gabrielle: Elmo where is it?
Me: Elmo's dead.
Gabrielle: Leggybugs where is it?
Me: The leggybugs are dead, Elmo ate them.
Gabrielle: Dubby (Ernie) where is it?
Me: Dubby drowned.
Gabrielle: Daddy where is it?
Julia: Daddy poop.

Kenna said...

That kid cracks me up!

Jessica said...

Amy - I think your girls have me cracking up more than Dylan's insane train of it's your responses that are making me laugh...

Leggybugs are dead. Elmo ate them.

Amy said...

Eventually they will understand what I am talking about and I won't be able to say that anymore. So I might as well have fun while I can. And of course, I edited this down, there are about 15 inquiries each regarding Elmo, the leggybugs' and Ernie's whereabouts before their repeated and untimely demises. At least I haven't killed Daddy yet.