Monday, April 23, 2012

The Amazing Wonderful Weird World

Twenty Dozen has so far been pretty incredible! The kids are all doing amazingly well despite the radical life changes. I think the security they feel here in Simi helps. Also the fact that they know I am here, I am always going to be here and nothing will ever change that. Even if they WANT me to go away, I won't. I am SO looking forward to this summer, when hopefully we'll get Ben out of pull-ups and totally ready for preschool. Which of course means I can get a part-time job!! This is both great news and totally terrifying news. After five years out of the workforce, am I still relevant? Not sure. What would I even do? COMPLETELY not sure. I've also been lucky enough to find a wonderful guy who treats me right, a very welcome change indeed. This has given me a chance to work on my patience and serenity while we work out the logistical kinks; I live in CA, he in OH. Just another opportunity for personal growth, which of course I definitely need.

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