Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'm covering what?

Being a reporter for a small community newspaper, I expect to have to cover the usual community issues. Graduations, new churches, and, for a touch of the Shipping News, horrendous car wrecks. I also cover city hall and city council which is a HOOT.
My assignment this weekend, however, is far outside the realm of what I imagined myself covering. I am attending and am expected to write intelligently about a Bison Drop. Now, for those unaccustomed to the phrase, how about Bison Chip Bingo.
Basically, the bison poops on a checkerboard, and if the poo is in your square, you win.
It's a youth sports fundraiser, that ironically, is being held on the high school football field. Go Cougs!
So, I will stand, pen poised excitedly over notebook, waiting to note the lucky square to be graced with shit. Hurriedly approach the winner and get his or her opinion on the buffalo turd, and how lucky they are. Whoo.
Oh, and I get to take pics too.
Ah, gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

Please, please, please post the link to your article when it comes out. I can't wait to see the sarcastic but respectful result.

Hilary said...

Hi Jessica, you don't know me but I'm one of Eleeza's friends and a current Aggie staffer. I had to comment 'cause I heard about this same raffle-type thing happening in Connecticut, only I think they modify it to use a cow. It's a strange enough idea, but that more than one community thinks it's something worth doing, well... Can't wait to read your article!

Jessey said...

I have heard of similar cow chip bingo type things going on, even in towns that aren't Hicksville, like Show Low is. It's nasty and weird, but at least i don't have to clean it up!
I think the best part is going to be the buffalo trick show. Buffalo. trick. show.
That's gonna kick ass.

Jessey said...

Sadly, for you I think, the Bison Drop was visited by a massive thunderstorm and I skipped it. Having spent my morning shooting a parade in the rain (insert ironic comment here) I decided to NOT catch pneumonia as I do not currently have health insurance.
A wise move I think.