Friday, September 10, 2004

A whirlwind

The last month or so has been a total random grouping of events.
We moved into our first home. We lost $500 cash, or rather, it was stolen from us.
Our dog ran away, our dog came back, our dog got skunked, twice.
The baby is cutting at least four teeth at once. The dog chewed up some cardboard boxes.
I turned 26.
My brother in law moved to Salt Lake City, taking my nephew, and true star of my wedding, Christian. The dog chewed up an giant plastic storage container.
My husband simultaneously quit and got fired from his job, only to be rehired an hour later. He then successfully negotiated a $2/hour pay raise. Not too shabby.
We heard elks bugling from our front porch. I saw a bunny in our backyard. The dog chewed up a hose.
My friend Julie got married. I finally met two of my friends' babies. My husband's cousin had her first son.
I ran over a squirrel in the road, narrowly missing his companion. My husband congratulated me on my first kill. The dog chewed up an old Halloween costume of a mouse.
I cut myself putting up our wedding picture. I fell off a chair. I got very bad heartburn.
The dog keeps coming home with work gloves that do not belong to us. He of course, chews them up. The dog made a friend, we call him Marmaduke, he is a Great Dane the size of a small pony. He poos in our yard.
We looked at the stars last night and saw the Milky Way. I learned to load and fire a shotgun, just in case.
I made a pillow. My husband advanced to the Tour Pro level of Hot Shots Golf 3.
Pumpkin escaped through a faulty screen. He was surrounded and nearly attacked by angry birds. Bob rescued him.
Bob is building a doghouse for Trigger, we expect he will chew it up.
We watched a spectacular storm, five hours of pouring rain, the whole sky lit up with lightning, deep bellows of thunder. Down in Phoenix, the same storm resulted in a 20 minute sprinkle.
Yeah, it's been a pretty typical month.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I think I've gone years without that much activity.


Jessey said...
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Jessey said...
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Jessey said...
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Jessey said...

Since the post, our dog has taken to stealing our grouchy neighbors newspaper. I had to return today's edition to him at 7am before Trigger deconstructed it. The Sunday edition was FUN to clean up.
Needless to say, our grouchy neighbor shut the door in my face after informing me that he suspected our Trigger of stealing his newspaper yesterday as well.
Yeah, he stole it. What am I gonna do about it? I should tape $1.25 to his grouchy door and tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine. Asshole.
Sorry, I meant, vag.

eva said...

A shotgun? Seriously? Scary. I shot Demian's .45 once and it nearly knocked my socks off. Didn't like it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a 22 gauge shotgun, just in case of burglars, rabid javelinas, or the like.
I also now have powdered milk in case we get snowed in. We live on a mountain and there's one way in and out. Eek.