Thursday, August 26, 2004

House of Mouse

Maybe I am not entirely suited for country living yet.
This morning, I woke up, made some coffee, went into our living room to watch the news.
My cat Louie was incessantly probing under the baby's blanket laid out on the floor. I went over and lifted the blanket off the ground to see what he was after.
Oh, it's a toy mouse.
It was a real mouse. A dead one. I almost puked right then and there. I covered it back up and shooed the cats away.
I had to call my husband home from work to get the mouse, I couldn't get near it. When he finally got there and removed the blanket, I started shaking and my eyes teared up, full on panic.
This wasn't a big sewer rat or even a regular size mouse. This was like a tiny, inch-long, Stuart Little without the sweater mouse.
Bob wrapped him up in paper towels, enjoyed a hearty laugh at my expense, and disposed of Stuart in the trash can outside.
That was about an hour ago, and I am sure he is still laughing his head off about it.
So yeah, I have a few things to get used to living here off the beaten path. I mean, I've seen deer and elk and antelope up close. I've gone hiking through the woods to hear an elk bugle, which if you haven't heard, click here... scroll down and click where it says Click to hear an Elk Bugle...
There are these crazy huge wild pigs out here called Javelinas (ha-vah-lee-nah), which I guess live around where we do and which Bob expects to see in our yard during the winter.
Uh, I may very well pass out.

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pstvnrgy said...

Stuart Little without the sweater. LMAO!