Monday, November 15, 2004

$2,000 down the drain?

This morning I had one of the worst half-hours of my whole life...
I was eating breakfast when I saw that my engagement ring was missing from my hand. Now, I NEVER take it off and my wedding band was there so I promptly began to freak out. I thought that it had washed down the shower drain and I was so sure of that I pulled the drain cover off and began frantically fishing around with a butter knife and a flashlight.
We have a septic, you can see the utter dismay and total panic I felt as I poked and swished around the drain. Alas, it was not in there.
I called my husband who assured me that the ring could be retrieved from the drain and he would do so when he got home...this brought me no comfort and I immediately began toting my child from room to room while I searched through the dishwasher, bottle sterilizer, drawers, laundry baskets etc etc...Basically everywhere I had been and everything I had touched...I even checked the coffee grounds.
The ring was nowhere to be found...I wondered if my house insurance covered pure idiocy...I found out that it did not.
Since we're talking about a $2,000 platinum engagement ring here, I resumed my cats started following me around in a panic. I entertained the notion that one of them or possibly my daughter had swallowed the ring...I checked her diaper...Nothing but poo. I looked in the litter box. Ditto.
Then I actually really looked at my ring, the ring wasn't there all along...but I pushed up my wedding band and saw that it left an indentation in my skin...the indent from my engagement ring was NOT, the light goes on in my head, I must not have been wearing it for a long time, much longer than the 20 minutes since I had exited the shower.
In a stroke of PURE genius, I thought, maybe it fell off in bed!
I brought the baby into my bedroom, set her on the floor and began tearing my bed apart...I was shaking out blankets, feeling under pillows, pulling sheets to the floor...and all of a sudden, when the final blanket was removed, the ring was revealed.
The ring was gleaming up at me from the burgundy fitted sheet at the foot of my bed, I have NO idea how it got there.
I slipped it back onto my finger.
Another crisis averted! I'm glad too because the next step was a group stomach pump at the veterinary clinic. The kitties look relieved as well.


eva said...

HOLY MOLY! Can we get a collective, "Phew!" You had me in a panic with your gripping narrative. I would've torn the cats in half and dug through their guts. That is a scary feeling, indeed. Very glad you found it, pookie.

Hilary said...

What a good story with a happy ending! I'm so glad you found it (and without having to search through septic tank muck -- ewww).

Joeja said...

Group stomach pump? That sounds HOT!

- joeja

pstvnrgy said...