Friday, January 07, 2005

So sad.


Hilary said...

I know!!!! My jaw dropped in exaggerated (read: drunken) disbelief when I read the headline on last night. Although, it does mean that he's a teensy bit closer to being available to one of us.

Jessey said...

I have to admit that a shudder shock went through me as I read the news about this one. Lame. I read waaay too much US Weekly and INTouch magazine and care far too much about the lives of the Brad/Jens and Bennifers (1 and 2) et al. etc etc
It's sad on many levels. Sad that they spent a MILLION DOLLARS on their wedding to see it go kaput in less than 5 years, that's $200,000 a year. Sad that I care at all. Sad that I am married now and can't go after the loveliness of the Pitt. And also sad that I think if I WAS single I stood a snowball's chance in hell with the Pitt, although, he is getting older and I am fertile Myrtle.
Hey Brad! You want kids??? I got one!

My mom expressed a similar disbelief and also carnal interest in the now-solo Pitt. Though, she is a smidge older than he is. Just a smidge.