Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Better late than never...

So I lag and slack on my blog. Who gives!
Since my last post, a couple weeks ago, not MUCH has changed. Since our dog took off, we got a new kitty, Nickels. He is cute and destructive, he's an Evans already.
Elizabeth turns 8 months old today! Yahoo! Her grandma is coming to visit this week and we think she is saving her tooth eruption and first time crawling for that visit.
Smart girl!
The baby also came with me to the polls on Election Day, it was FREEZING cold, but thankfully the line was not too long and we were out of there ASAP.
We've also been taking hikes on our local trails. They are very nice though I can never finish a whole 6 mile loop, at least not while pushing the stroller through 3 inch deep mud!
But, we did see a jackrabbit the other day...oh, heck, I'll just post the pics!

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