Friday, October 22, 2004

Sad Times

So, our dog ran away last week.
We were holding out some hope that he was just off frolicking, but it's been over a week now, and we are resigned to the fact that Trigger is gone.
It's really just as well, since he surreptitiously entered a neighbors house through a very small doggie door just a few days before his departure.
He muddied up the house pretty good so I hear. Trigger was on his way out the door after that incident. Perhaps he heard us discussing his fate and took matters into his own hands?
We just hope that he is happy now, and is not wreaking havoc elsewheres...though he probably is...


Amy said...

I was looking through old old old posts for some reason. Did you ever find out what happened to Trigger?

Jessey said...

I hope you come back to this post to read the answer!
No, we never found out.
His disappearance, and the subsequent vanishing of Pumpkin, are still unsolved mysteries. Maybe I should call Cold Case?

Amy said...

No, until you have a body you need Without a Trace. So I think those two shows have dueling hotty hispanic officers. Whose names I totally cannot remember right now, but I think Without a Trace hotty hispanic wins.