Saturday, May 14, 2005

Surprising facts

I dug up my weedy garden this morning, turning over all the soil to get it ready for planting.
I fully expected to make the acquaintance of some bugs and worms. I'm not really the squeamish type when it comes to worms and bugs and other dirt dwellers. I mean, I've actually gone earthworm hunting in Southern Utah and I can even bait my own fishhook with one of the slimy critters.
On my third pitchfork full of dirt, however, something slightly out of the ordinary occured.
I flipped the dirt and was about to start forking it up, when a mound formed under the topsoil. the mound grew bigger and bigger until a black head poked out, followed by six inches of lizard body and tail. The thing jumped out of the ground and onto the garden ledge, rested for a moment, and then scooted through the rabbit fence and out of my life. I was completely freaked out and immediately began to wonder how many relatives of his were dwelling under my dirt.
Who knew that lizards lived underground?

In less creepy facts:
Kids and cake and trampolines do NOT mix.
My father in law wears Antonio Banderas cologne.
You cannot reason with a teething baby.
Telling kids not to throw rocks at a cat does not preclude them from poking said cat with a stick. These things must be prohibited separately.
Baby forks can really jam up a garbage disposal.
Olives are not always fully digestible.
A freezer bag cannot contain chicken blood.
No matter how much I want it to be, Diet Coke is not a substitute for water.
Soda cans are not appropriate cups for babies.

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