Friday, May 20, 2005

False Advertising!!!

In this (admittedly blurry) photo demonstrating how to apply ear mite drops, note how the feline patient sort of blithely sits there while his person squirts in the drops, massages his ear and then gently swabs the excess away with a cotton ball.
This is total propaganda.

This is what it really looks like:

First the ears are wet, and the cat - in this case Baby - is unhappy.

Baby quickly becomes highly agitated and tries to claw off his ear and pretty much anything else in his way...this is the point at which I should be massaging his ear incidentally.

The whole episode culminates in one very angry cat, who is not interested in the daintiness of being swabbed. He does, however, seem very interested in killing me.


eva said...

That looks like one mean cat to me. I certainly wouldn't want to swab his ears. Further proof that we should bioengineer opposable thumbs for animals. Can I get a "What? What!" on that??

Jessey said...

That would just make them better equipped for killing! I say we bioengineer cats to be bug resistant, maybe they could emit a pleasant citronella odor?