Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Getting fat for a good cause

Ok, so here's the big, explosive, half-the-world-already-knows-it news.
I'm pregnant.
Whoooo hooo!
If this is a shock to you, we need to chat more often.
So yeah, I'm having a kid in January. I'll run down and answer the top 10 questions I've received since the big reveal...

10. Q. Is it a boy or a girl?
A. We don't know yet, it's still barely a baby.

9. Q. Are you going to FIND OUT if it's a boy or a girl?
A. Probably.

8. Q. Have you picked out names?
A. Not yet. But it definitely won't be Paris, Sawyer, Kevin or Devon

7. Q. Are you crazy?
A. Apparently so.

6. Q. Have you heard of birth control?
A. Yes.

5. Q. Are you going to keep working?
A. Until the end of time.

4. Q. Do you want a boy or a girl?
A. Last time I said I wanted a boy and got a girl, this time I say I want a girl. However, I am pretty sure (mother's intuition and all) that I am carrying a male heir.

3. Q. Seriously, have you lost your minds?
A. Honestly, we may have.

2. Q. Are you excited?
A. Excitement, tempered with fear, apprehension, total panic and nausea.

1. Q. No really, this is a joke, you must be nuts!?! Right?
A. This is not a joke, though we are nuts. Having two babies under the age of two is totally insane, I recognize that. Hell, I'm ALREADY tired! But you know, life is what happens while you're making plans. Insert additional cliches here.

So that's the scoop. Take it to the streets. Word to your mutha.


Hilary said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am way late on reading this, but way yay! Am I crazy for not asking if you are crazy? Do I not know enough about babies to think this is insane? How happy!

Jessey said...

In a delayed response, yes, you do not know enough about babies to think this is insane. Because clearly, it is. Two children in diapers simultaneously, I have heard, is like the seventh circle of hell.
Babies are cute, cuddly and fun, but they also are unrelenting, insane and completely self-involved. They do not seem to care that you haven't showered in days just so long as you keep supplying milk.
But, yeah, it's a happy thing! We're actually starting to get over the initial shock and "Oh shit" feelings and get excited.