Thursday, July 28, 2005

My blog is a downer

I just realized that my blog is all bad news and boring crap. I suck.
Anyway, this may not relieve all the pain of having to read this junk, but I thought I'd chronicle a small sampling of the amazing feats of the developing genius that is my daughter Elizabeth:

* She can identify each of our three kitties by name. When you ask Where's Louie? she looks directly at him, same for the other two.
* She knows where her head, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, cheeks and belly button are. She can also find some of those parts on the kitties and also loves to show you where our head, nose and ears are.
* She says ca-ca every time she well, goes ca-ca. And pee-pee for pee-pee. It's nice to know what you'll be dealing with under that diaper.
* Also in the realm of poo, if you say, go to your room so we can change your diaper, she WILL go right in there, no questions asked.
* She can identify by name animals of many sorts including dog, cat, fish, bird, duck, cow. She also knows the sounds that these animals make (excluding fish of course). When she sees a bird flying around outside, she says bird. Anything underwater is a fish. She can even point out these animals in drawings and in books.
* Among the words in her rapidly expanding vocabulary are shoe, tattoo, ball, book, block, hey, bye, hi, no, what?, all the aforementioned animals and body parts and functions, mommy, daddy, nanny, and many others.
* She knows how to work the TV remote, but has yet to memorize the numbers for the kid stations. Also, if she accidentally hits mute, or turns to channel 86 or some other nonexistent channel and gets static, she will immediately hand the remote over to an adult so it can be fixed.
* She not only knows how to turn ON the phone, but likes to make pretend phone calls where she jabbers into the phone and walks out of the room, like, excuse me, I have to take this call. Very funny. Also, if the phone rings while she is holding it, she will RUN to find an adult to answer it.
* She likes to "read" or more accurately, she likes to take all the books off her shelf and look at them all. She even turns pages and looks serious as though it's a book about international politics and not baby rabbits.
* She can climb up and down stairs and furniture.
* If you ask her to put something in the trash, she will. It may not always STAY in the trash, but it goes in there.
* She'll laugh with you when you are laughing at a joke, though, sometimes I think she doesn't get all the sarcasm.
* If you tell her to get her cup, bowl, spoon, etc, she will go find it and bring it to you. She will literally not stop looking until she finds it either. She's very determined.
* She can bring you MATCHING pairs of socks and shoes. Amazing.
* Every chance she gets, she tries to drink my coffee
* She LOVES rap music. Loves. She was fully dancing to a Nelly song that somebody was blasting in the supermarket parking lot the other day. She was sitting in the cart, just crumpin'. Well, no, not crumpin' but she was getting down.

And finally, a story: there's this commercial for an SUV where the SUV rolls through town and the other SUVs crumble, turn old, get plant growth on them, etc etc... This commercial is set to "Dust in the Wind." You may have seen it. In the first scene of this commercial, the SUV crumbles another one into dust at a stoplight and a man and his dog fall out into the street.
My kid loves dogs. Puppy puppy puppy. That's a familiar string of words in our house. Everytime a dog barks outside she runs to the window, puppy puppy.
Anyway. When she HEARS the song "Dust in the Wind" she immediately stops whatever she is doing and looks around for that dog from the commercial and says "Puppy"
Now, that is brilliant.
But I'm biased.


eva said...

After all those downers, this was an excellent post. Little E is the best! And the fact that she is already dying for coffee and is crumping to Nelly clearly demonstrates that she IS your daughter.

Jessey said...

I forgot to add that she also says Whoa, wow, hot, and cool as in, that's cool.
She's neat.

Jessey said...

Now Elizabeth has expanded her vocabulary to include clock, water, side (for outside AND inside) and Bob's FAVORITE "Raaaaiderrr"
Just in time for football season!