Thursday, September 29, 2005

A new favorite word

As a writer, I enjoy the quirks of language. I especially enjoy the quirkiness of slanguage which is ever changing and always interesting.
My newest favorite slang word is sexiled. As in sex + exiled, meaning to be exiled from your shared bedroom or to exile a roommate for the purposes of engaging in private sexual activities.
Now, I no longer have any roommates, but I remember my freshman year of college when I did share a bedroom with a friend and I was regularly sexiled to the other room, and even once to my car.
That's a fun word.


cube said...

I'm sorry for you. Sexiling is only fun when you are sexiling & not the sexilinee.

eva said...

I can't believe you didn't know of sexiling until now. Unfortunately, I've been on both ends (figuratively speaking, of course) of that raw deal. I guess it's not so raw (or is it) when you're the sexiler and not the sexilee.

Jessey said...

I am sad, unhip, no good.
I still like the word!
And my one year of being sexiled was OK because I spent the next three years with my own bedroom, so that rocked!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I am so against sexiling. Just because one of you is getting laid doesn't mean the other has to sleep in the car. If I had ever faced the prospect of getting sexiled I would just stay in the room. And take pictures.

Good thing when I was in college my only room-roommate was a gay dude in the closet. Actually, scratch the pictures thing...

- joeja

Jessey said...

You photogs, you're all pervs!
And hey paparazzo, tell your friends to leave poor Lindsay Lohan alone! How many Mercedes does that girl have to crash before we help her out??!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I agree with the remark about taking pictures. Refusing to leave and suddenly taking up photography as a new hobby seems like the perfect way of getting rid of most visitors (unless they're shameless exhibitionists then it's back to square one looking for new ways to make it so unbearable they leave).
But taking photos while muttering the words "internet" and "posting" will get rid of nearly all your roommates paramours.