Friday, September 30, 2005

Uh-oh, you're not ready yet!

Yesterday was a fun-filled day!
I worked during the morning hours and then as Elizabeth napped I turned my attention to the quickly growing pile of laundry in our bedroom that needed to be washed, dried, folded and put away.
During the folding portion of this program (I was watching the History Channel special on the Enola Gay for those who need the full picture) my stomach tightened up like a fist ready to strike, and I was forced to discontinue folding and sit down IMMEDIATELY.
Pain in my back, my side, my stomach. Very not good.
I endured this on and off clenching and unclenching for about a half hour before I called my OB and said, "Heeeeey! I'm contracting over here! And I'm not ready to pop a baby yet!"
The "helpful" nurse said she would consult with my doctor and call me back. ONE HOUR later I called THEM back to say, HEY! It's still happening and I'm now officially freaking out here!
The "helpful" front desk girl/woman/whatever told me to hold, returned to the phone within 30 seconds and said "You need to go to the OB department and they'll take care of you"
I said, "of the HOSPITAL?" she said "Yes"
OK, I tearfully called my sister in law who said she would meet me there, I awoke Elizabeth, dressed her including shoes, grabbed her a snack and a cup of milk, snatched up my purse, my address book and headed to the car.
I drove myself to the hospital where I was greeted by Amy, my sister in law. She took Elizabeth and we walked into the OB ward where I was determined I would NOT give birth that day!
They hooked me up to the MACHINE that registers contractions and the baby's heartrate and there I laid for about four to five hours. At various intervals the nurse, Danielle (who was a classmate of my sister in laws so they had much to chat about) came in to give me drugs intravenously that would slow the contractions. The first one didn't do much, so I later got a shot right in the arm.
That one did the trick. My contractions lessened from one every three to five minutes to one in 30 minutes. Yay!
Before releasing me, they gave me two pills that made me feel loopy, like a three-beer buzz on a Friday night with no kids.
I am taking it eeeeeeaaasy this weekend, starting today. I think I'll just finish that baby blanket I started for baby boy and maybe take a nap. Elizabeth will be running the household today. Yikes!
I also told Bob that I would no longer be vacuuming, something that he was cool with. He actually told me to do NO housework during the day, but that's just not feasible. So, I'll skip the labor intensive tasks like vacuuming and stick to the easier stuff like lounging and eating bon-bons.
I certainly don't want to kick off any more early contractions!
I just need 12 more weeks to finish cooking this kid! Lord willing!
Keep happy thoughts for me!


Amy said...

Oooh, scary. I'm glad everything turned out okay (although I did figure if it hadn't, you wouldn't be posting the next day). Good thoughts are coming from up North!

eva said...

Eeeek. Scary, man. Keep that in kid in the oven! Maybe he's upset because he doesn't have a name yet and was trying to make a point. Just a though. Aren't I a helpful friend?

cube said...

Take it easy. Don't fret about the silly housework.

Jessey said...

My doc assures me that things are A-ok but that I need to relaaaaax as anxiety about the pregnancy and assorted other life problems -- see every post in this blog, including the celeb breakups :) --
is adding to my troubles.
Now, if I just knew how to relax.