Monday, October 10, 2005

All this before noon

Elizabeth woke up this morning with a low-grade fever, about 101.5.
I thought I'd let her rest and drink fluids and watch to see if it got any worse.
It did.
By 8:30 she was lethargic and sweating on the couch watching "tartoons" (her word, not mine). She had LONG abandoned her juice and wasn't remotely interested in eating her breakfast of a buttermilk "faffle" (her word again).
Her temp had gone up to 102.5, not too high, but high enough to cause worry.
I called her doc and they told me to bring her in at 9:30.
It was 9 a.m. and I live 20 minutes out of town.
I rushed to get dressed, change her into presentable clothes and took off in the car.
Three miles down the road I thought a helicopter was attempting to land on the roof of my vehicle. Seeing no helicopter in the air, I pulled off the road and inspected my tires. One of them had a large nail protruding from it and was smoking.
I had no cell phone.
So I sat on the side of the road, feverish baby crying, with my hazards blinking and my window rolled down so passersby could watch me cry along with her.
Noone stopped.
Noone until my husband, who spotted us on his way back from a trip to get emergency plumbing supplies for our rental, stopped to help us.
Thank GOD!
He came and assessed the tire situation and drove Elizabeth and I into the doc's office, a half hour late.
While he sped off to change the tire, I waited for the doctor. While waiting, I became aware of an acute need to pee. When I went into the bathroom, I found that my underwear had snapped apart and thus had to be completely removed and discarded. This marked the second time that I have had to throw away my panties in this particular doctor's office. Which I find interesting, but not terribly relevant to THIS story.
So, anyway, the baby is OK, no pneumonia or meningitis, we just have to watch for signs of worsening illness.
Bob comes back to pick me up, in my car, with the spare tire on. It looks like a toy tire.
I get home and call the place where we purchased the tires and the road hazard warranty for said tires, and they inform me that a nail in a tire is repairable and thus, not covered. Hmm, when should I have repaired it? The split second between the moment I picked it up and the moment the tire started to catch fire and die?
Long story short, I have to come up with money for a new tire, which Thanks Very Much Mazda, has to be special ordered.
And all this before noon.
I can't WAIT to see what will happen the rest of the day!


Freebird said...

Glad to hear your little one is okay. A little confused about the underwear snapping though, but I think it's funny. Sorry, I'm sure you don't. I've never had my underwear snap pff on me. Now my bra, different story. :-)

Jessey said...

It's actually funny to me as well. Certain styles of underwear seem to be more prone to snapping then others, and I favor those easily snapped styles...
And it's not panties made of Fruit Roll Ups either, sickos.

Jessey said...

Less than three hours after this initial post, Elizabeth lost her balance and hit her face on the enclosed kitty litter box. This caused pain and lots of blood. Ice water and ice cream worked magic. I was also able to get the blood out of my sweater using cold tap water.
I wonder what the NEXT three hours will bring!!

Amy said...

I think you just need to go back to bed.

And I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, I hope my undies don't snap. Although I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind, he calls them my "granny panties." I'm sorry, but you can't try underwear on and it's better to have them too big than too small!

drogidy said...

Here's hoping it turned out okay. Some days feel like that. Is it bad luck, or merely unfortunate coincidence? Who knows, but if positive mind-power exists you have a lot of it coming your way.

Jessey said...

Some days are just extraordinarily crappy. Today was one of those days.
Tomorrow can only get better, God willing!

cube said...

You poor thing. Hope you guys have a better day today.

BTW my underwear has occasionally cleverly retorted, but has never snapped.