Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Celeb Round Up!

My blossoming fetus and psychotic toddler are giving me little time to whine or complain about my own life, despite the complete disarray my fatigue has spawned in my home. I am knee-deep in dirt people!
Anyone wanting to wash dishes or vacuum is welcome to stop by and visit!
As incentive, I bring you...CELEB NEWS!

Item 1: Jessica and Nick - On or Off?
I say, who cares! He's not as hot as he used to be and she is only marginally talented to begin with. The sooner they split, the sooner we can escape them.

Item 2: Madonna is crazy, and so is Jon Bon Jovi. I love it when celebs (especially '80s celebs) take potshots at each other through the media!

Item 3: Janet's NOT a mom?? So, Janet Jacksonsays she's not a secret mom. Oooookay. We totally believe you Janet. And that nipple slip was a wardrobe malfunction. Riiiight.

Item 4: Tori Spelling is a devilish bitch.
Tori-Hole reportedly had her therapist break up with her husband for her. I guess she couldn't find a "I want a divorce" Hallmark card.

Item 5: Elizabeth Hurley is a dried up, bitter hag
Elizabeth Hurley capped on Sienna Miller's new haircut , which I thought was rather cute. Sounds like someone's jealous that they are no longer the No. 1 Most Shaggable British Chippy. Hmmm, Liz?


cube said...

I'm not anywhere near you, and I don't have any good celebrity dish, but I can remind you that you've been excoriated by people who comment on your blog to stop worrying about the housekeeping. Forget about it for a while and rest.

Jessey said...

Oh trust me, it's been forgotten. The house is a wreck. It's sickening and it makes me crazy, but I've been letting the dust bunnies gather while I put my feet up and watch the bugs take over.

cube said...

Hey, at least you can blog. In the old days, you would've either read a lot or gone insane.

Jessey said...

My husband would probably say that I am still teetering on the brink of sanity, but, yeah, for the most part, I'm still sane here.