Monday, October 24, 2005

Janet Jackson A Mom!?!

This is totally shocking!
SHOCKING! Much more shocking than the nipple seen 'round the world.
But then again, she IS a Jackson. And she is crazy secretive. How does she keep all those secrets?
Janet should be in the CIA.


Amy said...

I saw that and thought I am tired of her secrets.

Jessey said...

I also saw this story and thought...ugh, Jacksons!
This is one closet I don't want to see cleaned out.
Watch it'll turn out that Jermaine is really Michael and Michael is really LaToya and LaToya is really Diana Ross but there really never was a LaToya - it was Michael all along.
Ay carumba!
I think I'll ease on down the road with this one.

Freebird said...

WHAT?! I haven't heard this yet. Where's the kid been all these years?

cube said...

I hope she removes the Chinese star nipple ring before breastfeeding the new Jackson.