Monday, October 31, 2005

DST, Phooey!

I live in Arizona.
We don't DO daylight savings time. This screws me up.
I never remember that as of DST day, my mom is now an hour behind our time. Consequently, I end up calling her at work when she's still at home and at home when she's still at work. Why doesn't she just answer her cell phone!?
I listen to a California based radio show over the internet every morning. That show is now an hour behind my time, so I missed a whole hour today, boo.
My computer converted to daylight savings time today without my authorization. Luckily, my microwave was on top of it and I was able to ascertain the accurate time and switch the computer back to the correct time zone.
There's something very odd and strange about not converting to DST when everyone else does. DST used to always mess me up for at least a week when I lived in California, even though it's an instantaneous hour gained or lost depending on the season. I would be all off balance for awhile, like I am the whole month of January while writing checks (is it 2004 or 2005, or 2006, WHAT YEAR IS IT!!?!?)
Now that we DON'T switch, it's one less thing to worry about, but of course, I'll find a way to stress.
It's my gift.

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