Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Like a Blender

"A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it." - Jerry Seinfeld

How true Seinfeld, how true.
Now that we're at t-89 days until Baby Boy Evans enters the world, I am semi going bonkers.
I desperately want to clean, scrub and organize, but cannot. I must feather my nest! But the docs want me to take it easy... Boo.
Every woman I know has offered to either watch Elizabeth for long periods of time so I can rest or come clean my house in some way. I've had offers from people to do BOTH! I've had people say, you relax and I'll drive out to your house in the boondocks and wash your dishes while you watch TV.

These are either very wonderful people or very crazy people, or maybe both.
At the same time, Elizabeth is not really catching onto the whole, mommy needs to rest idea. She's just as willful and destructive as ever. And I love her, but man oh man. By nigh-nigh time I am just out of gas. It's nigh-nigh baby, nigh-nigh mommy, nigh-nigh dirty dishes, nigh-nigh hungry cats, nigh-nigh pile of laundry, nigh-nigh dangerous stack of toys.


cube said...

Having a 2 year old can also feel like you've been put through a blender and whipped into a froth.

Still, fight the urge to nest & rest. Accept those friendly offers of help. You can reciprocate after the baby comes.

Jessey said...

I am fully prepared to bake lovely bread and cookies and muffins to repay my wonderful friends and family who have looked after me and my husband and kids this last week or so.
I am going to be VERY busy!

drogidy said...

As a fellow sufferer of one 3-yr-old girl and a three-week-old boy I feel for you. Our little tornado is called Gabby. Just yesterday she tried to help by rocking her brother in his rocker, but she pushed so hard he catapulted out of it and probably set a world record for baby shotput.

Jessey said...

I've been forewarned of this exact type of *helpful* sistering, and am already worried.
Can I slow down time for maybe just a week or so, just to get my bearings???
And by that I mean, scrub my house spotless and win the lottery - not necessarily in that order.