Saturday, October 15, 2005


I'm watching MSNBC and am subsequently horrified. No, not by Tucker Carlson's bowtie...
During some report on something (I was sleepy, and only half watching), the voice over reporter said that such and such film was the director's *homage* to his father. Only she didn't say homage (o-mahj), she said hah-midge. HAH-MIDGE.
Homage does not equal HAH-MIDGE.
I'm sickened.
I have to play Sudoku to calm down now.


cube said...

Maybe anti-French sentiment reached a new high when it came out they were using live dogs as shark bait. If so, look for changes in reen-dee-vah-oos next.

Or, perhaps you were listening to an ignoramus who didn't know the proper pronunciation.

Jessey said...

Ah, ignoramus.
TV journalism is painfully lacking.

I was insomniac the other night and watched an interview of Kevin Trudeau aka Natural Cures, Bug Eyes, Scary Guy Who Yells At Me Through Paid Programming, He's Just Barely THIS Side of Tom Cruise "You're glib Matt."
The interviewer was Paula Zahn, aka totally worthless sack of skin: nice legs + power suit does NOT equal journalist.
Anyway, long story short, she was questioning his Natural Cures book since it basically points to a paid subscription website -- buy the book, the buy the web subscription -- and some allege you STILL don't get the promised info.
And he was all bug-eyes and denial and instead of cracking down on him, she backed off.
Oh, I have to go relax now. I am so worked up. I hate that Kevin Trudeau.

cube said...

Caveat emptor. Kevin Trudeau is a snake-oil salesman and his jail sentence wasn't long enough if you ask me, but if stupid people want to buy his crap, it's their money.

I always said I didn't like Paula Zahn because her name confused me. I never knew if they mean Paula Zahn or Paul Azahn.

Paula has never impressed me with her journalistic ability. She was probably chewing gum during the interview & Lord knows, she can't do both at the same time.